New Exclusive Music – 204 Tracks Сollection August 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

New Exclusive Music – 204 Tracks Сollection August 2023 (Djsoundtop.Com)

&Adal – Playground Electric
AFFKT – Ganbatte (Original Mix)
Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Cosmopolitan (Extended Mix)
Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot (Yotto Extended Mix)
Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot (Yotto Hot Dub)
anamē (SE), Bien – Must Be Dreaming (Extended Mix)
Andre Sebastian – Reborn
Andy’s Echo – Face It (Original Mix)
Andy’s Echo – Guts (Original Mix)
Andy’s Echo – High Dose, No Sleep (Original Mix)
Arouse – Lost Miracles
Arouse – Oasis
Arouse – Taking a Walk
Asteroid – Flow State (Extended Mix)
Avant – Cone (Original Mix)
Avant – Eunoia (Enai Remix)
Avant – Eunoia (Original Mix)

Bakean – Kashgar (Goyanu Remix)
Bizzare – Destined to Meet (Original Mix)
Blaine Connell – My Love (Original Mix)
Boycott – Somnium (Original Mix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS – Forja (Emcroy Remix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS – Forja (Lucas Pietra Remix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS – Forja (Martin Martin Airport Delirium Remix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS – Forja (Mind the Gaap Remix)
BRIAN DE SANTIS – Forja (Original Mix)
Carl Bee – Hypo (Original Mix)
Carlo Whale – Ephemeral
Chaum & Hobin Rude – Cressida (Original Mix)
Chaum & Hobin Rude – Mesec (Original Mix)
Christopher Hermann – May Raindrops (ALMA AR Remix)
Christopher Hermann – May Raindrops (Original Mix)
Christopher Hermann – May Raindrops (VegaZ SL Remix)
Corren Cavini – Steps Away From The Sun (Extended Mix)
Cusp & Marc Spieler – Chill (Spoonhead Remix)
Daniel Portman – Resist the Time (Extended Mix)
Daniel Wanrooy & AK – Summer Sound (Extended Mix)
Dee Montero – Aquila (Extended Mix)
Dee Montero – Serenata (Extended Mix)
Dilby – Birdsong (Original Mix)
Dilby – Sight Unseen (Original Mix)
Dimka (Gr) – Xanomai (Lost in Darkness, Save Me) (Ledeep Remix)
Diode Eins – Aberration (Original Mix)
Diode Eins – Chromatic (Modeplex Remix)
Diode Eins – Chromatic (Original Mix)
Diode Eins – Chromatic (Supacooks Remix)
Djhowtech – Madness (Extended Mix)
Drumcomplex, Frank Sonic – Sandman (Reset Robot Remix)
E.O.N – Carol’s Direction
Einmusik – Nassau (Original Mix)
Eleonora – Alright (Yost Koen Rework)
Emata – Say A Word (Extended Mix)
Erick Dumonts & Axl Landa – Calm Desert (Original Mix)
Es:sam & Jungar – Polaroid Memories (Extended Mix)
Fever Ray – Shiver (Ivory IT Remix)

Frasseck & Freitag, Aves Volare – Jumper (feat. Aves Volare) (Original Mix)
Furkan Cinar – Aglow (Monarke Remix)
Furkan Cinar – Aglow Original Mix
Furkan Cinar – Realign Original Mix
Gadi Mitrani – Sonshine Love (Original Mix)
Gadi Mitrani – Sonshine Love (Wolfson Remix)
George Toro – Delirium (Original Mix)
Goom Gum – Set & Setting (Original Mix)
Gradsky – Vishva (DaryaGi & Sage)
Gumale – Air Lock (Original Mix)
Gumale – Night Dreams (Original Mix)
Hillmann & Neufang – She (Original Mix)
Ignacio Hernandez – Life Is All About Love (Original Mix)
Ignacio Ravagnan – Espejismo (Monostone Remix)
Ignacio Ravagnan – Espejismo (Original Mix)
Igor Obaranchuk – Meru (Original Mix)
Ismail.M, Redspace – Answers (Original Mix)
Ismail.M, Redspace – Grail (Original Mix)
Ismail.M, Redspace – Protocol (Original Mix)

James Dymond – Layan Bay (Extended Mix)
Juan Ddd, Ramon Bedoya – Miami (Original Mix)
Kabi (AR) – Dual (Original Mix)
Kabi (AR) – Spicy (Original Mix)
Kevin McKay, Joe Diem – Eivissa (Extended Mix)
Lezcano – Thunderclap
Lil’M, jOk – I’m Wasted (Original Mix)
Lio Q – Manhame (Original Mix)
Lio Q – Sinae (Original Mix)
Loris Zerola – Let’s Take Off (Unluck Remix)
Luca – Missing Something (Original Mix)
Luke Garcia, Colossio & matthew james – Let Go (Musumeci Wave Mix)
Maraudon – Orea (Original Mix)
Marek Hemmann – Curse (Original Mix)
markyno – Words with Myself (Original Mix)
Matara – Star Wars (Original Mix)
Matias Carafa – Mercury Transit (Original Mix)
Matias Carafa – No Return (Original Mix)

Matt Oliver – Dawn Mysteries (Original Mix)
MISSBLUE (AR) – Mi Mundo Animal (DJ Linus Remix)
MISSBLUE (AR) – Mi Mundo Animal (Original Mix)
Mulya – Multi Pass
Mulya – Mundu Fires
Mulya – Okan Biru
NAASA – Perfect Time (Original Mix)
Nairo – Cloud Runner
Nanovich – Rs6
NEM3SI$ – Desire
NEM3SI$ – Desire (Original Mix)
Neuralis – Arritmia (Original Mix)
Newman (I Love) – The Moon and the Stars (Extended Mix)
Newman (I Love) – The voices of Scylla (Extended Mix)
Nihil Young & Luke Coulson – Better Off (Extended Mix)
Nikola Jovanovic – Archipelago (John Cosani Remix)
Nikola Jovanovic – Archipelago (Original Mix)
Nuage – In The Cold
Nuage & Benjamin Yellowitz – Orbit (feat. Benjamin Yellowitz) (Adriatique & Ae:ther Remix)
O*R*C*O – Bring Me Back
Orkidea – Warehouse Requiem (Extended Mix)
Ovnimoon – Full Moon Dancers (Original Mix)

Peter Makto – Fairy Garden (Original Mix)
Peter Makto – Flowers In Your Mind (Original Mix)
Pipo rodriguez & Drow – New Time
Polygraph – Certainty (Original Mix)
Polygraph – Confidence (Original Mix)
Project S – The Spin of Andromida (Extended Mix)
Project S – When A Star Is Born (Extended Mix)
Pyramido, El Gudo – The Beginning (Original Mix)
Rafael Cerato, Giza Djs – Feel The Love (gizA djs Sunset mix)
Redspace – 1994 (Original Mix)
Rockka – Black Sands (Original Mix)
RossAlto – Jazz in the Jungle (Original Mix)

Sansixto – Black Shades (Extended Mix)
Sebas Ramos – Xtasis (Original Mix)
Fever Ray – Shiver (Ivory IT Remix)
Skua & Nipika – Bliss (Extended Mix)
SNYL – Body To Body (AFFKT remix)
SNYL – Body To Body (Original Mix)
SNYL – Ghosts Of The Dark Room (Original Mix)
SNYL – I Feel You (Original Mix)
Solidmind & Zenma – Patana (Djuma Soundsystem Instrumental Remix)
Solidmind & Zenma – Patana feat. Idd Aziz (Djuma Soundsystem Remix)
Solidmind & Zenma – Patana feat. Idd Aziz (Extended Mix)
Solidmind & Zenma – Road to Kasaan
Solidmind & Zenma – Road to Kasaan (Arrab Remix)
Spaceship Commanders – Evolving Dimention (Original Mix)
Spaceship Commanders – Stranger Things (Original Mix)
Speaker Honey – For Yourself (Extended Mix)
Spencer Brown, Wilt Claybourne & Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Awu Wemadoda (Extended Club Mix)
States Trigger – Flares (Extended Mix)
Taylan – Chandra
The Archer – Free Your Mind
The Archer – Free Your Mind (Luca Marchese Remix)
The HIDD3NS & Michael Ra feat. ZI – Don’t Burn Me (Extended Mix)
The Spectaphiles – Push It (Extended Mix)
Third Person – Signs
Third Person – Signs (Dirty Doering Remix)
TimeRay – Last Effort
TimeRay – Remember the Future
Tommy Farrow – From Fire (Extended Mix)
Ugo Banchi – Dance With Ibiza (Original Mix)
UNIV3RSE (sL) – Golden Brown
UNIV3RSE (sL) – Need You Tonight
Vincent Vossen – 16×16
Vitaly Shturm – Epic Sex (Juan Martin AR Remix)
Vitaly Shturm – Epic Sex (Kostik Makso Remix)
Vitaly Shturm – Epic Sex (Original Mix)
weloveyoü – Hanabi
Xinobi, Meta_ – The Stars (Original Mix)
Yaas – Ghareeb (Extended Mix)
Zimcerla – Delicious feat. T’eira (Original Mix)
Zimcerla – Living Out (Original Mix)

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