B Best New House January 2023

B Best New House January 2023

Best New House January 2023

Aaron K. Gray, DJ Gomi – Celebrate Your Life QTZ407
Adam Twelve, Alex Inc, Deeprule – Underground (Original Mix).mp3
Al Pignatelli – Beach Affairs INTL099
Aldo Bergamasco, Antonello Ferrari – Keep On Pumpin (Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Club Mix).mp3
Alex Dittrich – Dance In The Sky TTDR002
Alex M (Italy) – Never TBX116
Alexander Som – WTP (Extended Mix).mp3
Ali U – Queen EP ZLR001
Alinka – Power of Today (Original Mix).mp3
Anabel Englund – Need Me Right (Extended Mix).mp3
ANALOG 87 – ANALOG 87 (Side B) TRX2004
Ananda Project, Terrance Downs – The One (Remix) KNG950
Andre Rizo – WKND (Original mix).mp3
Andre Salmon, YSFK – Inside the Shell ATM057
Antoine Clamaran, Agua Sin Gas – Everybody Pumpin’ 2023 (Extended Mix).mp3
Ardo, Jake Alva – Say It Right (Extended Mix).mp3
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Armbar – Pressure Points EP RB294
AYYBO – NEW DANCE (Original Mix).mp3
Babs Presents – Keep It Strong (Original Mix).mp3
Baby Sol, Coco & Breezy – Magic (Extended Mix).mp3
Baustaff – MFT Island (Jose Vilches Remix).mp3
Benjamin Long – Ltdblbl011 LTDBLBL011
BenX, Colonel Red, Kofi the Unknown – Who Is Who BOUMN003
Black Loops, Innocent Soul – High Cutz Vol. III SGR002
Blanco K – Feelings MOON203
Bleu Clair – Step Into It (Original Mix).mp3
Block & Crown – Tears & Chains (Original Mix).mp3
Block & Crown, Maickel Telussa – Smells Like (Original Mix).mp3
Block & Crown, The Soulboyz – The Riddle feat. THE SOULBOYZ (Extended Mix).mp3
Boujoux – My House EP CLTR003
Brett Allen, Noola – Bakso (Extended Mix).mp3
Brett Gould – Black Light ORIGINS054E
Burnski – Where Are You_ CS034
Byron Stingily – It’s Over EP NER26070
Caio Cenci – Somebody Help the Beggar Man (Original).mp3
Carlos Pineda – Get Down (Extended Mix).mp3
Carmelo Prato, Plus Beat’Z – Threesome (Original Mix).mp3
CEV’s – Singularity OHM089

Chambray – Yes (Club Version).mp3
Chaos In The CBD – Higher Elevation (Original Mix).mp3
Claptone, Alison Goldfrapp – Digging Deeper (Extended Mix).mp3
Class Section – Love Me (Retouch) BLV9909735
Club Nowadays, Le Bag – REAL OG (Club Nowadays, Vol.2).mp3
Confidence Man – Toy Boy (RAW SILK Remix) HVN691DIG
Corrado Alunni – Be with You (Original Mix).mp3
Corrado Alunni, Din Jay – The Power (Original Mix).mp3
Cristi Cons, Traumer – Stranger to No One FUSEX002
Crowd Control – Happiness Therapy 15_ Pianorama HT15
D’Moov, Nicole Henry – For The Love Of You (Shannon Chambers Remixes) FN085DL
Da Lukas, Mandy – West End Girls (Original Mix).mp3
Dan Aux, The Melody Men – Get Close (Mattei & Omich Remix).mp3
Dan Corco, Max Muller – This Is It (Yvvan Back Extended Remix).mp3
DAN-ROS – Perfect Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Daniel Steinberg – Brain Storm _ Lost in the Amazonas AL111
Daniel Steinberg – Home Wrecker (Extended Mix).mp3
Daniele Ceccarini – No Step Right Back (Extended Mix).mp3
Danism, Ridney – Fast Life PM019
Darius Syrossian – Baroque East 7DR034
Darius Syrossian – Funkflex _ Dream Team MM034
Dave K (UK) – Dare 2 Club (Original Mix).mp3
David Herrlich – Love Finds A Way (Extended Mix).mp3

Demuja – Between The Loops OHXD02
Denis Ago – Pool Now NER25842
Denney – I Can Try ORIGINS053
Detox Twins – Love Shared EMH012
DGT, Roney Jay – Chyna Platez RR0147
Digital Nature, Reverend Haus – Drop It Down (Original Mix).mp3
Discoplex – Secrets (T.Markakis Remix).mp3
DJ Cream – Forlanji BLS028
DJ DASCO – Powerful Woman SNF076
DJ Disciple – I Was Born For This CATCH269
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DJ Frisco, Dvit Bousa, Marcos Peon – My Kisses (Crazibiza Remix) (Extended Mix).mp3
DJ Kone & Marc Palacios – At Night (Original Mix).mp3
DJ Patisso – Deep Into Your Heart GRR219
DJ Tennis, LP Giobbi, Jerry Garcia – An Odd Little Place (LP Giobbi & DJ Tennis Remix).mp3
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Dompe – Dirty Housecutz, Vol. 7 JACKFRUIT045
Dompe – Swipe (Original Mix).mp3
Don Rimini, Jackin Trax – Groupies (Original Mix).mp3
Don Rimini, Jackin Trax – Jack Attack II UNCAGEX042
Don Swing – Hos in This House DW277

Dub Striker – The Dusty Box DNAMDG010
Duckhunter – Hold Up MOISS352
Duckhunter – Move MOISSB324
Dutchican Soul, Dave Mayer – Be with You (Extended Mix).mp3
Emzy – So Real (Extended Mix).mp3
Ezequiel G – Gonna Do TMR141
Ezequiel G – Keep On (Original Mix).mp3
F.Physical – Come On Everybody (Original Mix).mp3
Flashmob – To The Ground FMR218

Fond8 – Let the Groove (Extended Mix).mp3
Fort Romeau – Be With U (Original Mix).mp3
Freque Boutique – Glasgow`s Acid CWXD006
Friend Within – Runnin (Original Mix).mp3
Friend Within – Skeleton (Original Mix).mp3
GANDER – Can Take BRM423
Gangbang – Gangbang & Friends (Extended Version) 735931064275
Gary Adams, Reggie Steele – This Feeling (Rob Rhythm Remixes) NGR270
Geoffrey C – This Will Do (Original Mix).mp3
George Mensah – Share My Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Gino Colombi, Nicolas Ming – Do Me Right RVD115
Goodluck – I Feel Alive (Extended Mix).mp3
GRNDSCRE – Beats Motel BHMR018
Guy Burns – Feel The Groove (Extended Mix).mp3
Gyp – Body Talk (Joe Smooth Remix).mp3
Hannah Khemoh, Pat Bedeau – Dangerous BEDF020D
Hannah Laing – Be The One (Extended).mp3
Harry Bolton – All About House (Original Mix).mp3
Hatiras – Gotta Feel Good (Original).mp3
Hatiras – Paradise Found (Original Mix).mp3
HeartWerk – Tulsa In The Haus (Original Mix).mp3
Hotswing – Love (Extended Mix).mp3
Hurlee – Keep It Real EP ESUOH025
Hutch, Block & Crown – Riddem (Original Mix).mp3
Hutch, Block & Crown – Take That! (Original Mix).mp3
Hyper Go Go – High (2022 Remixes) HOOJ156
Ian Asher – God On The Weekend (Chapter & Verse Extended Mix).mp3
Inaya Day, Honey Dijon, Charles McCloud – House Masters – Harry Romero Sampler DFTD665D2
Infrasoul – Sublime Scenes PJ270
IQ Musique, Tshaka Campbell – Listen (ReWork) BLM192
Jack District – MOJ018 DB104
Jackman Jones – The Flow (Original Mix).mp3
Jam Jamiro – Don’t Give Up PHR381
James Pepper – Club Trax Vol.1 – EP JP001A
Jay Deep – I Got Much Better PPM463
Jay Vegas – Disko Express (Original Mix).mp3
Jay Vegas – The Waters HS149
Jentzen – Love U Girl (Original Mix).mp3
Jesusdapnk, Ivonne Calvillo – Under Your Skin BB134
Jo Paciello, The Kollective – The Feeling (feat. The Kollective) (Original).mp3

Johannes Albert – Strahlemann (Original Mix).mp3
Jordan Peak – Alive At Night TMR143
Jordan Raymond – In The Absence Of Detail EP TR4R13
Jose Vilches – Magic Piano SB135
Juliet, Durante & Altieri – Free (feat. Juliet) (Original Mix).mp3
Junior Sanchez – Hit It feat. NEZ (Chicago) (Extended Mix).mp3
Karim Soliman – American Boy (Extended Mix).mp3
keith mac – Mesmerized (Original Mix).mp3
KENNY BEATS – Last Words (Extended Edit).mp3
Kenny Brian – Hear Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Kidnap – Start Again (Model Man Remix).mp3
Kim English – Been so Long (Wamdue Speakeasy Remix).mp3
Kito Jempere, Adam Evald, Antoha MC – Let’s Hold Our Hands Together Remixes 197187854684
KOMMUNION – Lose My Cool (Wongo Extended Remix).mp3
KPD, Rion S – Save Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Kristin Velvet – Perfect Division (Extended Mix).mp3
Lan Damon – Nobody Like You HW984
Laurence Guy – You Do Your Best To Hide The Good Parts of Yourself SNF089D
Lemex – Ear Drums (Extended).mp3
Lissa, Abel Romez, Bastiqe, Leon – Traps (Extended Mix).mp3
Lo-Key (US) – Y LUV (Extended Mix).mp3
Louis Lennon – Set Me Free (Original Mix).mp3
LP Giobbi, Bklava – Sinner – Femme House Remixes D4D0057D29
Luca Olivotto – Sexy Owl EP EM116
Ludowick – Always Dreaming SD0030
M-Five – Lift Me Up (feat. Brad Raker) NER26058
Maex, Point85 – Come Back To Me (Original Mix).mp3
Malaika, Ollie Rant – Dreaming TIN039

Manuel Sahagun – Boogie Sister PFRITE013
Marc Cotterell – Unconditional Love PPDS24
Marina Trench – Impermeable en ete SWEET001
Mario Piu – Communication (Luca Debonaire x Da Clubbmaster Remix) DIG160710
Mark & Anthony – Yeh, Yeh (Original Mix).mp3
Mark James (AU), Peewee Ferris – Goo Goo Muck – Goo Goo Muck TTREC014
Massimo Conte – This Is House (Original Mix).mp3
Matt Rowan, Robbie Lowe – Motion_Breathe VALR044
Mattei & Omich, Andy & Mike – Such A Good Feeling (Mattei & Omich 909 Mix).mp3
Mattei & Omich, Vittoria Hyde – Turn Your Love (Original Mix).mp3
Matteo Matteini – Superfly PJ269
Matvei – MY MIND (Duarte Remix).mp3
Matvei – RABONA (Kolter Remix) (Extended).mp3
Matvei – SUENO (Harry Romero Remix).mp3
Maurizio Basilotta – Too Good For Me (Extended Mix).mp3
Max C, Miqro – Keep Your Head Up MOT162
Max Millan, Simon Adams – I Don’t Care MS224
Mekkawy – No Matter What EP HLR005
Melbourne Drum Authority – Think About You LISZT325
MELO (COL) – Bandolero (Original Mix).mp3
Michael Push, Bluckther – I Miss You (Bluckther Remix Extended).mp3
Mikalis – I Need To Feel It (Original Mix).mp3
Mike Millrain – Music & Joy (Original Mix).mp3
Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez – Miss Your Love (Original Mix).mp3
Milk & Sugar, Killed Kassette, Skapes – Feels Like feat. Thornetta Davis (Extended Mix).mp3
Milk Bar – Love Vibration (Extended Mix).mp3
Mind Street, Andrea Love – Celebrate (The Remix) SOULNPEPA057

Mindchime – Going Back PJ267
Mirko & Meex – Mine (Club Mix).mp3
Mirko & Meex – Mine CMS390
Mirko & Meex – Take Me Away (Qubiko Extended Remix).mp3
Mitch B. – Loca (Remix) JANGO849
Mochakk – Respirando 44003346888
Moodymanc – Take Me Back (feat. Diane Charlemagne) (Dubble Deep Vocal Mix).mp3
Moonbootica, Ante Perry – So Simple (Incl. Robosonic Remix) KITTDJ243
Mr. V, MicFreak, Abco – I Know What You Like (Remixes) QU3009
Mr. V, Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai – The Menu SCM070
Nas Elmes – That Hat (Extended Mix).mp3
Nate08 – Trigger Fool (feat. Azamaan Hoyvoy) [Jesse Bru Remix]
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Nicola Baldacci – Se Mi Vedi (Extended Mix).mp3
Nik Denton, Mark Armitage – Get On Up (Original Mix).mp3
Niki Muxx – Save My Life (Original Mix).mp3
Nikko Gerena – El Barrio
Nikko Gerena – El Barrio (Original Mix).mp3
ODESZA – The Last Goodbye – Hayden James Extended Remix ZENDNLS628HX
Pansil – If We Only (Kiral Remix).mp3
Patrick M – Collective 001 079
Paul & Shark – Blue Doves FREETIME005B
Paul Oakenfold, Rompasso, Velvet Cash – Sky (Hot Pursuit Extended Remix).mp3
Per QX – I Know You Care _ Nightvision SDR354
Peter Mac – For Love PPD248
Pig&Dan – Better Than The Love I Know _ Pull Up To The Bumper DFTDS170D2
Prefix One, GeeW – Househead Sampler, Vol. 2 HH009
PRIVATE AREA – Sign up heydj.pro.txt
Radio Cargo – Du Son N’importe Ou, Vol. I AFEP0015
Rami, Rioss (Col) – Solo Tu WYLD138BB

ReLight Orchestra, Mato Locos, Mitch B. – My Roots JANGO901
Renato Ratier – Flavour EP DEDGEREC047
Rhys Manning – How I Feel (Original Mix).mp3
Rhythm Collect – For You (Original Mix).mp3
Richard Les Crees – These Happy Feelings RB295
Ricky Paes – Snatch! OFF 074 SNATCHOFF074
Robert Feelgood, Luca Debonaire – Phoenix (Extended Mix).mp3

Roger Da’Silva – Don’t Worry About Me (Original Mix).mp3
Roland Clark presents Urban Soul – Have A Good Time (Remixes) SK626
Roland Clark, Martin Badder – Born (Original Mix).mp3
Ron Carroll, FrescoEdits – You Will Survive (Extended Mix).mp3
Ron Carroll, Soul Electric – Ain’t No Mountain High (Ron Carroll Original Vibe).mp3
Ron Carroll, SWAYLÓ – Something Beautiful (Dr Packer Remixes) 5032698644360
Roog – OOH (Extended Mix).mp3
S.E.L – You Gotta Be (The Eric Powell MDFC Remix) QTZ409
Saint Misha – Paralyzed (Qubiko Remix).mp3
Saliva Commandos – Wonder Why (Original Mix).mp3
Sammy Deuce – With You (Extended Mix).mp3
Samuele Sartini, Jonk & Spook, DJ Roland Clark – We Kept Dancing (Extended Mix).mp3
Santarini – Obrigado (Extended Mix).mp3
Santonio Echols – Move Your Body Right NCM00015
Scruscru, Mike Fot – Cyber Love (Original Mix).mp3
Sean Finn – Cada Vez (CASSIMM Extended Remix).mp3
Sebb Junior, Karmina Dai, Mr. V – The Menu SCM070
Seumas Norv – Believe Me You Can Make It (Extended Mix).mp3
Seumas Norv – Fight For Love (Kenny Summit’s Spiritual Afro Dub).mp3
Shaman Durek – My House (DJ Sneak Dub Version).mp3
Shaman Durek – My House (DJ Sneak Extended Remix).mp3
Sign up heydj.pro.png
Simioli – Vibrations 4056813479775
Siwell, Vlada Asanin – Scooter (Extended Mix).mp3
Slo Moshun – Bells of New York 2022 DSM22
Sonickraft – Not The One (Original Mix).mp3
Souldynamic – Live Your Dreams (feat. Deborah Bond) SFRD073D2

Spiga – Un Poco Latino (Extended).mp3
Steal Tapes – In My Mind EP BB132
Stefano Tirelli, Fissa, K’AI – Not Everybody CMS396
Sulene Fleming, Joe Ventura – I’ll Wait (Todd Terry Extended Mix).mp3
Syon, Kisch – Where Did The Love Go feat. Syon (Extended Mix).mp3

Thomas Newson, MAKJ – Black (Extended Thomas Newson Remix).mp3
Todd Edwards, MANT – Provenance (Original Mix).mp3
Todd Terry, Steve Mac – Jumpin (Keep on Jumpin Steve Mac Edit) FR817
Tom – SNCD02 – LB EP SNCD02
Tony Romera – La Source FGR303-B
TrinhNu – Pure Virgin MIHN007
Tuccillo – Sunshine City NG130D
TWINFLAME, Rozegarden, Twinflame & Rozegarden – Closer (Elleyet Remix).mp3

UN-DEUX, Keilimei – Acid Rajina (feat. Keilimei) (Original Mix).mp3
Ursula Rucker, Simon Doty – Soulflow feat. Ursula Rucker (Extended Mix).mp3
V-Tone, Avenue Deep – Radamaal Groove JAR050
Valentino Roth – Doble Sentido TBX111
VENDi – Rotation BR225
Vertigini – Love Is The Answer (Original Mix).mp3
Villager – Blind Eye EP PW009
Vincent Caira – Need U (Hatiras Remix).mp3
Vox Humana – In The Middle (Original Mix).mp3
Walter G – Maestro Jam KNG949
Walter G – See Deeper (Edit) GCM162
WAPO Jije – HOUSING YOU 0757572943463
Will Simpson – Livin Life USDC0118

XCOR – Chief WRECKS042
YolaDisko – Mmaya (Elektrik Disko Extended Remix).mp3
Yooks, True2Life, Andy Hague – Samba Gringo KNG948
Zoe.Leela – Venus KMAT022
Zsak – Feel Better (Extended Mix).mp3
Zurra – Bad Intentions (Extended Mix).mp3

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